Eco sertifikatas

This document provides a guide to the Toys (Safety) Regulations 1995. It is for guidance only and in no way replaces the Regulations. The guide has no legal force but is intended to help business, enforcement authorities and consumers understand the main features of the legislation, and the circumstances in which it applies. Those affected by the Regulations should refer to them for a full statement of the legal requirements and in case of doubt seek advice on questions of interpretation.

The Regulations are administered under the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act 1987 and those affected by the Regulations may also find it useful to familiarise themselves with aspects of that Act.

The Regulations (Statutory Instrument 1995 No 204) and the Consumer Protection Act 1987 can be obtained from: the Stationery Office Ltd, SO Publications Centre, PO Box 276, London SW8 5DT; through SO bookshops; or from official agents for SO publications.